What is the method of water connection of speed reducer?

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Understanding of equipment is the guarantee of our efficient work of the precursor, so manufacturers help connection method of reducer reducer summed up the waterways, also without the guidance of friends with manufacturers with a look at it:
1, the reducer check back valve and pressure relief valve is connected with the tap water pipe is connected, and the other end is connected with the water inlet of the water pipe is connected. Note: the water outlet of the water storage tank must connected with a 1. 5 meters above the PPR pipe.
2, filled with water, open the speed reducer of the tap water inlet valve, open a hot water pipe out of the tap, the start of injection, until the water tap with water overflow is filled, the tap is shut off, storage of water leakage detection, to ensure that no leakage can be.
Read the above reducer manufacturers of reducer water connection method is introduced, we do not know what to do equipment do not understand where? If so, please pay attention to our website!
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