Installation steps of speed reducer

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Many friends have seen or even used the reducer, but for its installation steps are very strange, the following to introduce the content of this.
First step:
Before installing the confirmation of the motor and the speed reducer are intact, and strict check whether it matches the motor and the speed reducer is connected, the size of each part, here is the motor of the positioning convex table, input shaft and reducer groove dimensions and tolerances.
Second step:
Unscrew the screw reducer flange lateral dust hole, adjustment system PCS clamping ring so that the side hole and the dust hole alignment, insert hexagon screw. After that, take the motor shaft key.
Third step:
Natural connection of motor and speed reducer. The output shaft of the speed reducer must be ensured to be concentric with the input shaft of the motor, and the outer flange of the two is parallel. As the heart is not consistent, it will lead to the motor shaft broken or reducer gear wear. In addition, at the time of installation, prohibit the use of a strike to prevent axial and radial force is too large to damage the bearing or gear. Must will be installed after tightening the bolts tightened again tightening bolt. Before installation, the motor input shaft, the positioning boss and the speed reducer are connected parts of anti rust oil with gasoline or zinc sodium water wipe clean. The purpose is to ensure the tightness of the connection and the flexibility of operation, and to prevent unnecessary wear and tear.
The above three steps is the installation steps of the speed reducer, we can learn about. Today's content is introduced here, want to help you, want to know more knowledge can continue to pay attention to us.
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